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Feedback and Support

Have a suggestion? Let us know! We are always open to suggestions and feedback and welcome anything you have to say.

If you try to review the latest Tutor for Numbers, it takes you to Tutor for Keynote in the Mac App Store. Looks like we put the wrong link in the tutorial. We have since corrected it. If you go to the Mac App Store, you will find the updated version in your updates.

Do you have one of our tutorials that keeps trying to update? We’ve updated a couple of our tutorials with new names to better reflect which version the tutorial is for. By doing this, it seems the tutorials keep trying to update themselves. Their is an easy fix, delete the tutorial and redownload it. Make sure you download the tutorial that has the new name. You will not have to pay for it again and you will no longer be asked to update the tutorial.

Which version of Tutor for iMovie do I need? Apple released a new version of iMovie in October of 2013. This version, version 10, replaces the older version called iMovie ’11. This can get a little confusing being iMovie version 10 is replacing iMovie ’11. Here’s where the confusion begins, iMovie 11 is actually version 9, the ’11 actually refers to the year it was released. So, if you have iMovie version 10 (released in October of 2013 and installed on every Mac purchased after October), the tutorial for that version is Tutor for iMovie. If you have iMovie ’11, which is version 9, the tutorial is Tutor for iMovie ’11. If you have any questions before you purchase, please do not hesitate to ask by filling out the form below.

Experiencing an issue not listed above or have a question? We are sorry that you may be experiencing an issue with one of our tutorials. We know how frustrating this can be. Please be assured we would never put out an app that did not work as advertised. It would not be in our best interest, nor would it be in Apple’s best interest to approve an App that was not working. All of our Apps have been tested and approved by Apple. That being said, we know issues still come up.

Contact us by filling out the appropriate form below. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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