Tutor for Bento for iPad

Find out how to organize all the details of your busy life with Bento 4 for iPad and this video tutorial! This tutorial has 31 how-to videos on Bento for iPad, the most popular database on the iPad. The videos cover everything from creating libraries, creating and hiding fields, sorting records, relating fields between libraries, adding security, and syncing with Bento 4 for OS X. This tutorial covers everything you need to start working with Bento 4 on your iPad.

5 Star Reviews and Ratings ”Excellent Training Videos!”
5 Star Reviews and Ratings ”Learn Bento the easy way.”


All videos were recorded and optimized for the iPad at 1024×768, this means they are at full screen on your iPad. All to get you the best learning experience!

Features include:
  • 31 Easy-to-Follow Videos on how to use Bento on your iPad
  • Our Notes Feature allows you to take notes while watching the tutorial.
  • All videos are downloaded to your iPad. No subscription required.
  • Airplay enabled so you can watch on your HD TV if you have an Apple TV V2.
Find out how to:
  • create and reorder libraries (lists).
  • theme your library.
  • search your records..
  • change view settings and sort order.
  • relate fields between libraries.
  • sync your database with Bento 4 for OS X.
  • create collections.
  • Ssecure your database.
  • and more!
Videos include:
  • Introduction
    • What is a Database?
    • Terminology
    • Interface Overview
  • Working with Libraries
    • Adding, Deleting, and Organizing Libraries
    • Browsing the Bento Template Exchange
  • Viewing and Working with Records
    • Viewing Records in a Form vs. a Table
    • Viewing Records in Split View
    • Adding, Deleting, and Duplicating Records
    • Sorting Records and Adding Functions
  • Editing Forms and Tables
    • Copying, Hiding, and Rearranging Forms
    • Designing Forms
    • Editing Tables
    • Applying Themes
  • Working with Field Types
    • General Field Types
    • Choice Fields
    • Simple List Fields
    • Calculation Fields
    • Related Fields
  • Searching and Collections
    • Searching Records
    • Creating and Changing Collections
  • Security Options
    • Adding Encrypted Fields
    • Adding Passcode Lock
  • Syncing with Bento 4 for OS X
  • Conclusion
Get the most out of Bento 4 for iPad with the Tutor for Bento!