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Please note: This tutorial is for the older version of Pages for iOS. Although the concepts are the same when compared to the latest version of Pages for iOS, the interface has changed. Download today and learn how to use Pages for iOS, the most beautiful word processor you’ve seen on a mobile device! This iPad and iPhone app includes how-to videos on how to do word processing on your iPad and iPhone with Pages. The videos cover everything from the document setup to header and footers to masking images to adding tables and charts. Everything you need to start word processing on your iPad and iPhone.

5 Star Reviews and Ratings “Very Informative. This is a must have app for the iPad.”
5 Star Reviews and Ratings “Watched this set of tutorials and now I know! Really good.”

All videos were recorded on the iPad and iPhone to give you the best learning experience, and all the videos are stored on your iPad and iPhone so you do not need to use your bandwidth to watch.

Features include:
  • 33 Easy-to-Follow Videos on how to use Pages on your iPad and iPhone
  • All videos are downloaded to your iPad and iPhone. No subscription required.
  • Airplay enabled so you can watch on your HD TV if you have an Apple TV V2.
Find out how to:
  • add page numbers.
  • set header and footers.
  • use the virtual keyboard.
  • replace text.
  • add your own images and style them.
  • export as a PDF or Word document.
  • add shapes and style them.
  • zoom in on a photos and mask it.
  • add charts and style the chart.
  • add tables and style the tables.
  • manage your documents
  • and more!
Videos include:
  • Creating and Deleting Documents
  • Organizing Documents
  • Using the Virtual Keyboard
  • Finding Help
  • Pages Settings
  • Document Interface
  • Page Size, Headers, and Footers
  • Cut, Copy, and Paste
  • Grouping and Locking Items
  • Selecting Text
  • Styling Text
  • Creating Lists and Adding Columns
  • Tabs, Breaks, Footnotes, and Hyperlinks
  • Define, Find and Replace, Spell Check
  • Tracking Changes
  • Adding and Styling Media
  • Adding and Styling Tables
  • Adding and Styling Charts
  • Adding and Styling Shapes
  • Rotate, Moving, and Matching Sizes
  • Connecting Shapes and Images
  • Saving Documents with iCloud
  • Emailing and Exporting Documents
  • Opening in Other Apps
  • Printing
  • Working with the iPhone Version
Get the most out of Pages on your iPad and iPhone with this Video Tutorial!