Tutor for iMovie: Video Tutorial to Help your Learn iMovie

Tutor for OS X iMovie

This app solves all your problems. Divided into logical chapters one can access just the information needed without having to sit through the whole app presentation. This app rocks and is worth three times the price.
FANTASTIC! Each aspect is explained in detail with a great video and instruction. I’m very pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone who would like to use the new version of iMovie.
It is more than great. Simple, clear, informative and professional.

Download our Tutor for iMovie tutorial and learn how to get the most out of the latest version of iMovie! This tutorial includes 49 how-to videos on the latest version of iMovie. The videos cover everything from the interface to importing your movies to using precision editing to using effects including green-screen to sharing with Facebook. Everything you need to create your next greatest hit with iMovie!

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Features include:
  • 49 Easy-to-Follow Videos on how to use iMovie.
  • All videos are downloaded to your Mac. No subscription required.
  • Airplay enabled so you can watch on your HD TV if you have OS X Mountain Lion or Mavericks and an Apple TV V2.
Find out how to:
  • import your movies from your camera and desktop.
  • work with events and projects
  • apply the Ken Burns effect to photos and to your movie clips.
  • split and merge events.
  • favor and reject clips.
  • hide your movies that you don’t want to show but you also don’t want to delete.
  • edit your movies with enhance, contrast, brightness and more.
  • stabilize your clips.
  • add audio effects.
  • create titles.
  • add a map to your project.
  • add picture in picture or side by side effects.
  • add green-screen or blue-screen effects.
  • create trailers.
  • do more with iMovie!
Videos include:

  • Introduction
  • Getting Around
    • Terminology
    • Interface Overview
    • Selecting Clips
  • Importing and Organizing Videos
    • Importing Media
    • Viewing and Organizing your Media
    • Rating and Finding Clips
  • Working with Movies
    • Creating a Movie Project
    • Project Settings
    • Working with Themes
    • View, Add, Enhance, and Replace Clips
    • Working with the Timeline
    • Trim, Split, and Move Clips
    • Precision Trimming and Editing
    • Adding Photos
    • Adding Transitions
    • Adding Titles
    • Adding Maps and Backgrounds
    • Adding and Detaching Audio
  • Working with Clip Adjustments
    • Selecting Clips for Adjustments
    • Adjusting Color Balance and Correction
    • Matching Color between Clips
    • Cropping, Rotating, and Ken Burns
    • Stabilizing Clips
    • Audio Adjustments
    • Video and Audio Effects
  • Working with Connected Clips
    • Creating a Connected Clip
    • Creating Cutaways
    • Using Green-Screen/Blue-Screen Effects
    • Placing Clips Side by Side
    • Adding Picture in Picture Clips
  • Working with other Effects
    • Fade, Flash, and Freeze
    • Slow Down, Speed Up, and Reverse
    • Rewind and Instant Replay
    • Copying Effects and Adjustments
  • Working with Movie Trailers
    • Creating Trailers and Settings
    • Outline, Storyboard, and Shot List
    • Adding and Editing Clips and Photos
  • Sharing Videos and Trailers
    • iMovie Theater
    • Sharing Online
  • Conclusion

Get the most out of iMovie with this Video Tutorial!
Available on the Mac App StoreDownload on the App Store