Tutor for Numbers ’09

Please note: This tutorial is for the older version of Numbers (also known as Numbers ’09). If you are looking for a tutorial on the latest version of Numbers (released in Oct ’13), check out our all new tutorial Tutor for Numbers, available on the Mac App Store! 

With this video tutorial get the most out of OS X Numbers ’09! This Mac app includes 63 how-to videos on Numbers ’09, Apple’s easy to use spreadsheet, which is included with the latest version of iWork and available on the Mac App Store. The tutorial covers everything from the interface to importing from Microsoft Excel to categorizing your data to autofilling cells to adding text and images to exporting to Excel. Tutor for Numbers covers everything you need to help you start creating spreadsheets using Numbers ’09!

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Features include:
  • 63 Easy-to-Follow Videos on how to use Numbers.
  • All videos are downloaded to your Mac. No subscription required.
  • Airplay enabled so you can watch on your HD TV if you have OS X Mountain Lion and an Apple TV V2.
Find out how to:
  • work with the interface.
  • import from Microsoft Excel.
  • create tables and format cells based on conditions.
  • rearrange, sort, and hide columns and rows.
  • merge and split cells.
  • create shapes with bezier curves.
  • wrap text around images and objects.
  • align and distribute space between objects.
  • create charts.
  • add comments and notes.
  • share charts with Pages and Keynote.
  • merge with Address Book.
  • export for Microsoft Excel.
  • add security to your document.
  • customize the toolbar.
  • do more with Numbers ’09!
Videos include:
  • Introduction
    • What is a Spreadsheet?
    • Terminology
  • Interface
    • Numbers Window Up Close
    • Inspector Window
  • Creating a Spreadsheet
    • Template Chooser
    • Importing from Excel
    • Importing a CSV File
    • Opening recent Spreadsheets
  • Working with Sheets
    • Anatomy of a Sheet
    • Adding, Deleting, and Organizing Sheets
  • Working with Tables
    • Anatomy of a Table
    • Types of Tables
    • Moving, Resizing, and Deleting Tables
    • Resizing Columns and Rows
    • Working with Headers and Footers
    • Adding, Deleting, and Hiding Rows and Columns
    • Rearrange, Sort, and Filter Rows and Columns
    • Categorizing your Data
    • Styling Tables
  • Working with Cells
    • Anatomy of a Cell
    • Autofilling Cells
    • Formatting and Adding Borders to Cells
    • Custom Formatting
    • Checkboxes, Sliders, Steppers, and Popups
    • Using Conditional Formatting
    • Moving, Merging and Splitting Cells
  • Working with Formulas
    • Performing Instant Calculations
    • Adding Formulas to your table
    • Adding Functions to formulas
    • Adding Decision Making with If/Then
  • Working with Charts
    • Creating a Chart
    • Moving, resizing, and renaming Charts
    • Formatting Charts and the Chart Inspector
  • Working with Text
    • Adding and Formatting Text
    • Spell Checking
    • Substituting Text
  • Working with Images, Shapes, and Objects
    • Adding and Formatting Images
    • Masking And Using Instant Alpha
    • Adding and Modifying Shapes
    • Creating Custom Shapes
    • Adding Hyperlinks, Audio, and Movies
    • Arranging and Grouping Objects
  • Saving and Sharing
    • Printing your Spreadsheet
    • Exporting to Excel, CSV, and PDF Files
    • Sharing via email and with iWeb
    • Adding Comments
    • Sharing Data with Pages and Keynote
    • Adding Security
  • Advanced Options
    • Adding Address Book Fields
    • Customizing the Toolbar
  • Conclusion
Get the most out of Numbers with this Video Tutorial!