Tutor for OS X Mountain Lion

Download Tutor for OS X Mountain Lion tutorial and let us show you how to use how to use Apple’s operating system for the Mac, OS X Mountain Lion. Tutor for OS X Mountain Lion includes 49 easy-to-follow videos on how to use OS X Mountain Lion.

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We not only tell you about OS X Mountain Lion, but we also show you how to use the major features of OS X as well as what is new in Mountain Lion including the Notification Center, iCloud, Software Updates, Dictation, Gatekeeper, the new Accessibility preference pane, the new Reminders app, the new Notes app, the updated Messages app, and more! This video tutorial is geared for both the new user to OS X and the new user to Mountain Lion.

Features include:
  • 49 Easy-to-Follow Videos
  • No Internet Connection Required
  • Tutorials are Divided into Short Chapters
  • Full-Screen Mode and Air-Play Enabled with Mountain Lion
  • Tutorials are Highly Rated World-Wide
  • Low-Cost Solution to Comprehensive Training
  • With our Notes Feature, you can take note while watching the tutorial
Videos include:
  • Introduction
    • Basic Terminology
    • Migrating from Windows
    • Finder and the Finder Windows
    • The Menu Bar
    • Using The Dock
    • OS X Folder Hierarchy
  • Setting Up Your Mac
    • System Preferences
    • Desktop Pictures and Screen Savers
    • Printing and Scanning
    • Mail, Contacts, and Calendars
    • Social Networking
    • iCloud
    • Displays and Airplay
    • Software Updates
    • Dictation
    • Security and Gatekeeper
    • Accessibility
    • Notification Center
    • Multiple User Accounts
    • Parental Controls and Guest Accounts
  • Working with Applications
    • Launchpad and Application Folder
    • Installing and Deleting Apps
    • Using Apps Full-Screen Mode
    • Using Mission Control
  • Working with Documents and Folders
    • Saving and Autosaving Documents
    • Saving Documents with iCloud
    • Sharing Documents
    • Searching with Spotlight
  • Applications Up Close
    • Discovering Apps with the Mac App Store
    • Managing Events with Calendar
    • Organizing Contacts
    • Emailing with Mail
    • Browsing the Internet with Safari
    • Organizing Photos with iPhoto
    • Organizing Media with iTunes 10
    • Using the Preview App
    • Using the Reminders App
    • Using the Notes App
    • Communicating with Messages
    • Using the Dashboard
  • Syncing and Backing Up
    • Syncing your iOS Device
    • Backing Up with Time Machine
  • Conclusion
Get the most out of OS X Mountain Lion with this Video Tutorial!

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