Tutor for Keynote: Video Tutorial to Help you Learn Keynote

Tutor for Keynote


Every aspect of the program is presented in a clear, easy-to understand fashion. Well done!
This was a great Tutorial on how to use the major functions of Keynote. As a former CAD/CAM instructor I appreciate a good presentation and this was GOOD.
This is the 1st time to write a review. Why? …I feel like its my responsiblity to let you know this is a great app and this worthy.
I have several of these tutorials and like this one, all are well organized and very detailed.

Download Tutor for Keynote today and get the most out of the latest version of Keynote with this video tutorial! This tutorial includes over 60 how-to videos on the Mavericks version of Keynote, available for free on every new Mac!

Apple released an all new version of Keynote in October of 2013 and we cover all the major features! The videos cover everything from getting around, to creating and editing slides, to adding and styling text, to creating tables, to creating charts, to animating your presentation, and sharing your presentation. Everything you need to create, edit, and share your presentation.

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Features include:
  • 66 Easy-to-Follow Videos on how to use Keynote on your Mac.
  • All videos are downloaded to your Mac. No subscription required.
  • Airplay enabled so you can watch on your HD TV if you have OS X Mountain Lion or Mavericks and an Apple TV V2.
Find out how to:
  • modify and save themes
  • create Master Slides
  • restore previously saved versions of your presentation
  • style text, charts, tables, shapes, and media
  • paste and match style
  • create text columns
  • use conditional formatting in cells
  • draw your own shapes with Draw with Pen
  • make colors transparent with Instant Alpha
  • add comments to slides and objects
  • animate slides with transitions, builds, and actions
  • present with an Apple tV
  • create a self-running slideshow with narration
  • create navigation links
  • collaborate with iCloud
  • do more with Keynote!
Videos include:
  • Introduction
  • A Quick Look at a Sample Presentation
  • Getting Around Keynote
    • Creating a Presentation Using Themes
    • Saving Presentations to iCloud and the Computer
    • Restoring a Previously Saved Version
    • A Look at Keynote’s Interface
    • Customizing the Toolbar
    • Keynote Preferences
  • Working with Slides
    • Adding, Rearranging, Grouping, and Skipping Slides
    • Slide Titles, Body, and Changing Slide Templates
    • Working with Master Slides
    • View Slides with Navigator, Light Table, and Outline
  • Working with Text
    • Adding and Selecting Text
    • Styling Text with Fonts, Color, and Alignment
    • Working with Text Layouts
    • Text Fills Borders, Shadows, and Reflections
    • Copy, Paste, and Paste and Match Style Text
  • Working with Tables
    • Adding, Selecting, Moving, and Resizing Tables
    • Adding, Moving, and Resizing Rows and Columns
    • Header Rows, Columns, and Footer Rows
    • Table Fills, Borders, Outlines, and Grid Lines
    • Adding Conditional Highlighting to Cells
    • Formatting Data in Cells
  • Working with Charts
      • Adding, Selecting, Moving, and Resizing Charts
      • Editing Chart Data
      • Changing Chart Types to 3D and Interactive
      • Chart Titles, Borders, Legends, and Fills
      • Selecting and Styling Axis, Series, and Wedges
      • Working with Shapes
        • Adding, Resizing, Altering, and Styling Shapes
        • Adding and Styling Lines
        • Drawing Shapes with Draw with Pen
        • Adding Text to Shapes
      • Working with Media
        • Adding, Resizing, and Styling Photos
        • Enhancing Photos and Making Adjustments
        • Adding a Mask and using Instant Alpha
        • Adding and Styling Movies
        • Adding Audio to Slides
      • Arranging and Layering Objects
        • Sending Objects to the Front or Back
        • Aligning and Distributing Objects
        • Rotating, Flipping, Grouping, and Locking Objects
        • Connecting Objects
        • Adding Comments to Slides and Objects
      • Animate with Transitions, Builds, and Actions
        • Adding Transitions between Slides
        • Using the Magic Move Transition
        • Animating with Build In’s and Build Out’s
        • Using the Magic Chart Build In
        • Animating Objects with Actions
      • Presenting your Presentation
        • Adding Presenter Notes
        • Presentation Setup
        • Recording a Self-Playing Narration
        • Adding Navigation with Hyperlinks
        • Presenting with Multiple Monitors
      • Sharing your Presentation
        • Sharing and Exporting by Sending a Copy
        • Sharing and Collaborating via iCloud
      • Conclusion
Get the most out of Keynote with this Video Tutorial!

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