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I constantly get asked about different apps including what are my favorites. So why not share them here as well? Well that’s the plan. So what’s the first app I’d like to share to everyone? Forecast Weather app. If you are looking for a good weather app for the iPad, you may want to look at Forecast. But don’t look for it in the app store, just open your browser and go to It’s a beautiful weather app incorporating an easy to use and read interface along with Dark Sky technology. With Dark Sky you can see if it’s going to rain, and if it is, what the intensity will be for the exact area you are in. Great if you work or play outdoors. The app also incorporates a Time Machine to where you can go back to earlier dates to see what the weather was. What was the temperature two years ago? Forecast can tell you.  It’s my go to weather app on the iPad. It’s also on my first Home Screen on my iPhone, yes, it works on the iPhone as well. Take a look at the video to see some of the main features and if you want to read more about it, check out the Forecast Blog.

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