Apple Training for Education

Do you use Apple Technology in your school? Need help with training? 

Our tutorials offer one-to-one training through video lessons for your staff and with our special pricing for education, your staff can benefit from all of our tutorials for one low price. The tutorials are viewable on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. They are even viewable on Windows and Google Chrome. All that is needed is a browser. Your staff will learn to get the most out of their Apple technology which will benefit both your students and your district.

Why our training?

With our video tutorials, we not only tell you how to use your Mac or iPad, we show you with our easy-to-follow video lessons. Each lesson is an average 5 minutes and can be access at any time. Need a reminder lesson on how to use green screen in iMovie? Open Tutor for iMovie and watch the short lesson on green screen. Need a reminder on using autofill in Numbers? Watch the short lesson in Tutor for Numbers to get a refresher. Our training will help you get the most out of your Apple education.

How does it work?

Your staff can access our tutorials from any browser. Once they log in, they will see any tutorials they are currently taking and they can continue to take more lessons. They will be able to take any course on the site and learn from over 1,000 lessons – all on how to use software on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

How much does it cost?

We know both schools and staff are tight on money and time. Because of this we knew we had to make it both easy and inexpensive for anyone in education to join. Our solution is to offer a membership for only $19.00 a year for any staff member of your school. All they need to do is signup using a special code provided by your school – and the code is free! At that point, they can use their own credit card or one provided by the school. Simple and easy.

Training for Education

Get the most out of your Apple technology with our training.

  • Low-Cost solution to Apple Training

  • Includes over 1,000 Lessons

  • Accessible from the Mac, iPad, and iPhone