All New Tutor for Keynote for Mac now available!

Tutor for KeynoteI am happy to announce I have an all new tutorial available for the latest version of Keynote for the Mac! Tutor for Keynote includes over 60 videos and includes over 5 hours of easy-to-follow video tutorials, all based on and using the latest version of Keynote.

Why a new tutorial? Apple introduced a new version of Keynote back on October of 2013 and this new version has a new interface as well as a different feature set compared to Keynote ’09. They also came out with new versions of Pages and Numbers. My goal was to release one tutorial covering all three apps as they are similar in many ways, but after I started recording I found out that as much as they are similar, they are different as well. I decided that each app (Keynote, Numbers, and Pages) deserved to have their own tutorial. If you still use the older version of Keynote (the version released previous to Oct ’13), the tutorial is still available. The name has been changed to Tutor for Keynote ’09 (’09 being the year it was released).

In Tutor for Keynote find out how to:

  • Modify and Save Themes
  • Create Master Slides
  • Restore Previously Saved Versions
  • Paste and Match Style
  • Add Comments to Objects and Slides
  • Add Animation including Transitions, Builds, and Actions
  • Collaborate with iCloud
  • Do more with Keynote!

Download today to learn more about Keynote on your Mac!